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5 Ways a Personal Career Website Can Boost Your Job Search

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If you’re job hunting, a great resume is a must. But did you know that a personal career website can increase your chances of being hired? This is an online ...

7 Awesome Tips to Boost Your Resume

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When you’re job hunting, you should follow the newest trends in resume writing, just like in fashion. A resume that got you a job a couple of years ago, might ...

Should You Attend A Job Fair To Find A Job?

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Be Connected Job Search Networking If you’re in a job search, you may be wondering if attending a career fair or job fair is a good move, or a waste ...

Simplify Your Job Search By Simplifying Your Message

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A while back I found a UX designer that helped JibberJobber get cleaned up and become more intuitive. In our early conversations he said that he would probably end up ...

4 Cover Letter Hacks That Will Help You Stand Out

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Be Employable Cover Letter We’re all looking for shortcuts, tips, and tricks to make life easier—and why not job searching too? Here are my top four hacks for creating a ...

7 Job Search Hacks You Should Know

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By now you’re probably familiar with the hard-and-fast rules of the job search. Rules pertaining to elements like the best websites to look for jobs on and how to dress ...

6 Tips For Staying Sane During Your Job Search

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Be Confident Job Search If you have been unemployed and looking for work for any length of time, the chances are good that you are: Frustrated at not having a ...

Why This Shockingly Simple ‘90% Rule’ Is The Secret To Getting Your Dream Job

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Be In-The-Know Job Search Want to know the sneakiest little lie you’re told that is one of the biggest things preventing you from getting what you want in life? Related: ...

3 Huge Job Search Mistakes (And How Fix Them)

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Between those currently employed and those unemployed, there are a lot of people looking for a job. The biggest mistake many of them make is approaching their job search the ...

10 programs to help you break into a cybersecurity career

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Some 82% of IT professionals report a shortage of cybersecurity skills in their business, according to a July survey from Intel—and 71% cited this shortage as responsible for direct and ...

Dream Job or Sweatshop? 12 Things to Look for When You Interview

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When recent grad Willie Calvin went looking for a startup gig after graduation, he was excited to find a position at an artificial intelligence personal assistant company as an "AI ...

When to Walk Away From a Job Offer

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As strange as it may sound, I think of looking for a job a little bit like dating. Unless you are a reality T.V. show contestant, you’ve probably never gone ...


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Location: Central London Competitive salary with attractive benefits Working hours: Full time. The pattern of hours may vary according to operational needs and generally work will be carried out during ...

15 Eye-Catching Resume Templates That Will Get You Noticed

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While an eye-catching resume alone probably won't land you your dream gig, it doesn't hurt to put a little extra effort into how you present yourself on paper. The right ...

Who Manages Your Career: You? Or Your Employer?

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3 mentions1 day ago
Are you actively managing your own career? Or do you passively allow your employer to choose your path? No one has their focus on your best interest like you do.

5 strategies to reboot your IT career

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Technology changes faster than many of us can keep up with it. New paradigms like software-defined networks and the cloud emerge, and the old ones continue to hang around. But ...

Can You Jumpstart Your Career With A Business Of Your Own? Take The 6-Point Quiz!

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Be In-The-Know Entrepreneurship Running your own business has a magnetic allure. What’s not to like? With a business of your own, you never have to polish and send out a ...

Incoming UN Chief a Career Socialist

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18 mentions3 days ago
While it’s hardly the election to get the most attention this year, the United Nations General Assembly has confirmed a nominee with a background in socialist politics and refugee matters ...

Are You Experiencing Job Burnout?

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3 mentions11 hours ago
Burnout is difficult to recognize when you are in the middle of experiencing it. There’s no easy test or definitive markers to let you know you are suffering from burnout.

5 Tips For Creating A Successful Career In Art

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Be Confident Career Change Explore Careers The pool of talented individuals is dramatically increasing these days, and the competition for jobs is expected to be keen. Being competent artist isn’t ...

How Your Attitude Defines Your Job Search

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5 mentions3 days ago
Be Confident Career Advice Job Search Zig Ziglar once said, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” He couldn’t be more right. Related: 4 Types Of Job Attitudes – Which One Are ...

Career Opportunities: Senior US Biomedical Reporter, Nature (SpringerNature) (12941)

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Nature Research is a flagship portfolio of journals, products and services including Nature and the Nature-branded journals, dedicated to serving the scientific community. Nature, the international weekly journal of science,

Boring Old Resume Objective Vs. Branding Statement

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Resume If you brand it will they come? While it may sound like one big field of dreams, a carefully crafted and customized branding statement will not only convey your ...

Webinar: How to Deal with Ageism in Your Job Search

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22 Oct, 2016 For some job seekers, ageism is an unfortunate and unfair part of the process. And it can be exhausting and confusing trying to handle ageism in your ...

Refugee students languish in red tape as they seek to resume their educations

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4 mentions2 days ago
BERLIN — Zed Al Aas dreams of someday being awarded a Nobel Prize. If there was one for coping with bureaucracy, he would have already won it. Al Aas left ...

CIO Career Coach: How to ace a job interview, part 2 (video)

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Welcome to the fifth episode of "CIO Career Coach," a video series I created with and, the video division of CIO's parent company IDG. As an executive recruiter,

Is Your Lack Of Confidence Holding Your Job Search Back?

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Job Search Are you feeling defeated because you’ve done all you could do to attain a job, but have yet to land one? Examine your internal dialogue. Yes, put down ...

How to Find a Job in a New Field When You Have No Experience

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In a perfect world, we would have all been 100% sure of our career paths as early as middle school, and, subsequently, every internship and college course would have moved ...

🔧 The Best Free Job Interview Tool You're Not Even Using

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140 SharesHave a proven track of success? Wow recruiters by bringing the proof to job interviews. This is a guest post by Debra Wilson. If you’d also like to guest ...

Nail Your Next Interview with Smart Small Talk: LinkedIn Career Expert Series

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After weeks of submitting job applications, you finally land an interview with your dream company. You have the basics covered -- what to wear, how to talk about your experiences,

The Cover Letter Formula That Skyrocketed My Interviews From 0% to 55%

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Hmmm, seems you've already signed up for this class. While you're here, you may as well check out all the amazing companies that are hiring like crazy right now. Resumes ...

Millennials need to ditch their parents’ outdated career ladders and embrace job-hopping

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47 mentions4 days ago
Five years ago, I seemed to have it all. I was 28 years old and making $70,000 a year working for the federal government. I had a fancy job title,

The Recipe for a Perfect Cover Letter

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Great food is all about great recipes and great ingredients. Whether you're preparing an apple pie or beef Wellington, you can't just toss in a bunch of processed junk in ...

Dear Shannon: How can I build my career each day?

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Monday, October 24, 2016 - 12:55amLife seems busier than ever these days, doesn’t it? I call it the Q4 crunch: Organizations the world over are poring over annual targets and ...

Teach NYC! Conference - Discover the pathways to a career in teaching

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2 mentions1 day ago
The NYC Department of Education is hosting the Teach NYC! Conference on Wednesday, November 16th. Join us to learn more about the many different career paths to becoming a teacher ...

Looking for a new career? How about 'psychedelic supervisor'?

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Listen 10:32 Why this infectious disease expert is studying nosodes OPINION: Canadian media must make room for black voices A modest proposal to fund research in a different way OPINION: ...

How I Used A Career Crisis To Finally Become My Own Boss

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5 mentions5 days ago
Strange as it may seem, sometimes the best job transitions start with a good, solid freakout. You know the kind: panicked breathing, crazy hair, fetal positions, and awkward conversations with ...

Dual-body career planning

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The ‘dual-body problem’ gets a bad rap in academia. It’s seen as a major difficulty even though virtually all couples with at least one career in academia, and many other ...

Tips for Secretive and Successful Job Hunting: LinkedIn Career Expert Series

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We’ve all been there. It’s time to look for a new job but you don’t want your boss to know. So how do you effectively job hunt without your employer ...

2 Ways Facebook May Soon Be Better For Your Career

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As a career and workplace specialist, I regularly get asked the question, "What can I use besides LinkedIn to help my career?" Not everyone enjoys the LinkedIn platform. Especially, more ...

Write a Resume Like an Engineer

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3 mentions4 days ago
In over twenty years of professional resume writing and career coaching, I’ve always offered a free resume critique. So, I’ve seen thousands of resumes written by all kinds of candidates.

One Proven Way to Increase Career Site Engagement

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3 mentions2 days ago
Considering how important career sites are to the modern candidate journey, talent acquisition teams should be thinking of new and innovative ways to drive more engagement on them. We’ve seen ...

Career Coaches: Come Write for CareerCloud

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4 mentions1 week ago
Are you a career coach looking to make a name for yourself? Are you looking for more exposure to your ideas and advice? Well CareerCloud has a home for you.

10 Pieces of Career Advice for My 21-Year-Old Self

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3 mentions2 days ago
Article by Kate Gilbert The corporate world is not for amateurs. It’s ruthless, unforgiving, and downright brutal on your self-esteem. I consider myself a survivor of this world, having escaped ...

Fed up of the drudge? Four ways to build a portfolio career

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With freelance careers becoming increasingly popular, experts have shared their tips on how you can gain new clients and balance various roles. Starting to freelance whilst working full-time Before you ...

Job Search 2016

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8 mentions2 days ago
Here we go again.* I’ve parted ways with my employer, so I’m searching for a new professional home. I’m looking for a VP/Creative Director/Product Design Lead/Head of Product role that ...

20 Beautiful & Free Resume Templates for Designers

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8 mentions3 days ago
Potential employers are busy people. They have the time-consuming task of reading many applications and resumes before finally selecting the perfect person. When you have the task of looking through ...

Job Shadowing: The Secret For Career-Changing Adults & New Graduates

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9 mentions4 days ago
Be In-The-Know Career Advice Career Change Job shadowing has a reputation as a job tryout activity to help you figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

185 Powerful Verbs That Will Make Your Resume Awesome

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This post is in partnership with The Muse. The article below was originally published on The Muse. Led… Handled… Managed… Responsible for… Most resume bullet points start with the same ...

3 Reasons Why Fall is One of the Best Times for a Job Search

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Why? Companies tend to increase hiring during the month ofOctober for a multitude of reasons: As hiring managers return from vacation – in part because once everyone is back from ...

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